Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Hack The Administrator Account Guest Account

The concept hit method:

Press the shift key five times and the computer will show the dialog boxes to function despite the sticky key.Ia logon screen. But if we replace sethc.exe responsible for the dialog box is sticky key, with cmd.exe, and then we ' remove ' sethc.exe by pressing the shift button 5 times at the logon screen, we get the command prompt with administrator privileges because there is no users logged on. From here we can hit an administrator password, even from a Guest account.

Here are ways to do it:

You must be a guest account (Guest ) with write access to system32.

* Go to C: / windows/system32
* Find Cmd.exe, copy and paste ( copy and paste ) on the desktop.
* Cmd.exe rename a sethc.exe
* Copy ( copy) sethc.exe the last 32 system folder, and when at the window asking to overwrite the file, click ' Yes '.

Then log out of the Guest account, and when the window to select a user account ( user account ) is displayed, press the Shift key five times..

Sticky key dialog box, which should open when the shift key pressed 5 times, has been replaced by Command Prompt window with the full rights of the Administrator account will be opened..

Then, type " net user administrator 12 345 '(without the opening and closing quotes) where 12,345 is the password that will be used.. if ' error ', please change 12345 to a more complex password / hard to guess.. finished typing, press enter..

You will see " The Command Completed Successfully ".. just close the Command Prompt window and log in with administrator account a new mailer just.. Done!

Extra Tips:

Furthermore you can also create more user accounts from the Command Prompt by typing " net user username / add ' where username is the name of the new user account you want to create.. ( tu name can put any aje )

Next you hide the account the following manner:

go to the registry editor and look for the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE,[1939],1,0,1000,4,5,1],[" Windows NT,[1943],1,0,1000,9,10,1],[" Winlogon,[1947],1,0,1000,13,14,1],[" Userlist

( to go to the registry editor, go to the Start button, Run... and type regedit )

Create a new DWORD value, and rename it the name of the user account that you created earlier.. valuenya I change it to 0.. done! already a hidden account with administrator account..
If you want to change it to not hidden ( un -hide ), just change valuenya to 1..

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